August 29, 2014

I think Hell is just a windowless, doorless room where you have to listen to Guy Fieri make up fun new adjectives for food.

August 19, 2014
My housemates just invited me out for vaguely party-related things

Because they are nice and welcoming and haven’t discovered that I am a miserable recluse.

It’s 9:15 on a school night; any nightly activities from here on out are limited to sleeping, dozing, and snoozing.  Also, I took a shower at 8:00 and purposefully did not put on pants to celebrate the fact that I have a single.  

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August 12, 2014
Jessus crust

I drink one mug of tea and I turn into a pee machine

August 11, 2014
My dad sent me a link to a plastic surgery procedure that uses “high blasts of energy” to heat and obliterate underarm sweat glands.

If I were to get one suspicious-sounding cosmetic surgical procedure, burning up my sweat glands would be it.

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August 9, 2014

I’m so sorry.  Every time this picture comes up on my dash, I can only see George Sr. and Kitty.

It had to be shared.

July 30, 2014

Who wore it better?

July 30, 2014
I tried curling my hair

And now I look like Harry Styles.

July 28, 2014
Taking a cab in Ohio: a short story

I needed a cab to the airport this past weekend so I could come home from some on-campus summer research.

The cabbie shows up, over twenty minutes late, with another man in the car.  I had not expected to share the cab, and am instructed by the driver to take the front seat.  I am eventually told that the guy who had claimed the entire backseat is his brother:

"Hey, if the agency calls, don’t tell them he was here.  He’s not supposed to be in the car, but he’s my brother!"


Then we stop at a convenience store, because they want some snacks.  I just want to get to the airport.

The brother offers me chex mix from the backseat.  I politely decline.

Both brothers light up.  The cab is getting oppressively smoky.  The smell is not pleasant to me, personally.  The driver has a long conversation with someone on the phone, who owes him money.  Apparently, if he doesn’t pay up, the driver will be taking his moped. 

The brother lights up another cigarette, and alternates between taking drags and eating his chex mix.  Suddenly he shouts:

"They put too many pretzels in this stuff!"

The driver agrees.  ”They put a lotta damn pretzels in there.”  End of conversation.

The driver asks me where I go to school.  I tell him.  It’s the same school he picked me up from.  He asks what I study.  ”Biology,” I tell him.  ”Which one is that?”  He asks.  I do not know how to respond.  I tell him it covers the study of plants, animals, humans, and diseases.  Somehow, I think “the study of life” would be too ambiguous.

The driver asks me if I go to a “hippie school.”  The brother rejoins the conversation, “Naw, man, it’s liberal arts!”  He is correct.  The driver seems concerned that he may have offended me.  ”I’m not sayin’ you’re a hippie,” He clarifies.  I don’t care.  I’m too busy picking off the ash from their cigarettes, which has settled on my clothes.

They tell me they are from North Carolina, and ask me where I’m from.  Massachusetts, I tell them.  They seem sympathetic; even they know that Ohio doesn’t have much going for it.

At last, we reach the airport.  I pay and thank them for their service.  We part ways as unlikely acquaintances.

The End

July 28, 2014





Why am I not surprised that Jared Padalecki (AKA Mr. “women can only contribute romance to a show and I’m pleased that the show is so misogynistic that we don’t have any female characters that survive and now I’m going to cut off answering this…

Hi, there!  Fellow Supernatural fan here.  Thank you for taking the time to give me some context regarding the comment; as I am, sadly, not at Comic Con, my context to the Supernatural Nerd HQ has been limited to gifsets and other blogger’s testimonies, so it would appear I have jumped to some conclusions. 

That being said, this is my personal blog, not a fandom blog, which is why I chose not to tag it, because I don’t think my blog belongs in the Supernatural tag.  This was purely a venting text post, and I’m sorry that my comment was clearly inflammatory.  Obviously, I do not personally know Jared, but certain things he’s done (purposefully and repeatedly mis-gendering people for the sake of humor stands out in my mind) has led me to believe that I would not get along with him in some universe where that were even a possibility.  I can appreciate his role on the show, but that’s about where my positive feelings for him end.

I understand that many people/fans will disagree with me on this, as is your/their right.  For the time being, however, this will remain my personal blog where I will continue to post my personal opinions.  Now and then, I will get something wrong due to misinformation/lack of context, in which case I welcome an open dialogue.  I’m sorry if my post read as an attack on Padalecki fans; this was not the intent, but the intent doesn’t matter as much as the result.  I apologize if this is the case.  

In conclusion, please don’t let my personal opinions stop you from shipping your ship, loving the show, and/or loving the actors!  Happy blogging.  :)

I’m on an Ipad, so I’m using the Tumblr app; whenever a name is mentioned in a post, it filters into the tag I search. So if I search “Jared Padalecki” and you make a post mentioning Jared Padalecki, I’ll see it.

This is where “wank for ts” tags and such come in.

I would always get the context of a comment before writing a post about it. With the bias Tumblr has against, well, everything, it’s not a reliable source for anything. I wasn’t at Comic Con either, I just looked at the transcripts when I started seeing the hate.

It’s fine to like/dislike who you want, just be sure you’re taking in the entire situation before you jump to hate. God knows we’ve got enough useless hate without creating more!

I was not aware that the app doesn’t just filter by tags!  *the more you know*  

I’ll happily go back and tag it as wank; hopefully that helps cover my bases.  Since I rarely blog anything fandom-related, (and subsequently hardly ever get responses from people in the fanbase), it hasn’t been an issue until now.  If adding the tag is helpful for people who are using the app, I have no issue utilizing it.  :)

July 28, 2014
In my youth

I babysat a young girl who had an appetite like a 80 year-old man.

For breakfast, she would have two bowls of grits.

Lunch, a pile of sauerkraut and whole pepperoncini peppers. 

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